Signal to Noise: Edit update

While it has taken longer than I anticipated I've now uploaded the updated version of the game incorporating Emzy's edits. The majority of the edits focus on grammar and readability while a small number make changes to the event tables based on Emzy's suggestions. I'd like to thank you all once again for purchasing the game and making it possible for me to pay for editing. As a small indie creator it means a lot to be in a position where I can hire someone to improve my work, especially when I know how much editing can improve a game.

So what's next?

Signal to Noise was always intended as a prologue to an expansive space opera setting that I call The Dyson Eclipse. Set in humanities future after the discovery of megastructures orbiting a nearby star my aim is to explore the setting through a series of games that focus on individual aspects of the setting. I've got a number of ideas in the works but there are two that I'm actively working on at present.

Rockhoppers is a Wretched and Alone solo game where you play a trapped asteroid miner that has discovered a gigantic artefact within the rock they were exploring. My hope is to release the game by the end of the year / start of January 2022.

Terminal Salvage meanwhile explores the lives of a group of salvagers who have taken on a risky job and are trying to escape the pursuit they have picked up. The game will explore their history, the bond that hold them together and the events that threaten to push them apart. My hope is to have a working draft of Terminal Salvage ready to kickstart in February as part of ZineQuest, supported by print editions of both Signal to Noise and Rockhoppers. Keep an eye out here and on Twitter for further details.


Signal_to_Noise_1.1.pdf 8 MB
Nov 14, 2021
Signal_to_Noise_1.1_noBg.pdf 4 MB
Nov 14, 2021
SignaltoNoise1.1_plain.pdf 314 kB
Nov 14, 2021
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Nov 14, 2021

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