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The Dusk Bringers is a system agnostic adventure starter for fantasy RPGs exploring the remote Wichama Valley and a mysterious cult long thought destroyed. Responding to a mysterious call for aid the party will need to earn the trust of goblins, vanquish spirits and uncover the secrets of the Church of the Sun.

The Dusk Bringers is a 28 page adventure starter that uses the Classic Explorer layout template by Clayton Nosetine. The events within span 5 chapters, including epilogue, maps and major threats. It is suitable for one off stories and integration into larger campaign settings.

A print edition of The Dusk Bringers will be available from Etsy in the New Year.

What is an adventure starter?

An adventure starter provides scenario inspiration in the form of a location, individuals, antagonists and/or plot hooks but leaves their interpretation to be decided on a table by table basis. They may include maps, a full write up for unique NPCs or quest lines but never a scene by scene breakdown of events or linear narrative.

The Dusk Bringers is available in print on Etsy

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I ran Verana Keep for my wife this weekend, and we had an absolute blast!  Looking forward to running A Shadow Underground for her as well. Excellent work and premise!


Thank you! I'm hoping to be able to release a few more parts over the summer, there is definitely more to the story than has been revealed.