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Project Cassandra: The Ajax Stratagem

The Ajax Stratagem is a 24 page trilogy of missions for Project Cassandra: Psychics of the Cold War set during the rising tension of the 1980s as East and West struggle for dominance during the closing phases of the Cold War. Inspired by historical events The Ajax Stratagem pits the psychics of Project Cassandra against a global cabal desperate to gain power at any cost. The included missions are:  

  • Whisky on the Rocks - Discover the truth about the 1981 grounding of a Russian submarine only 10km from a major Swedish naval base.
  • Poison Unchained - Secure vital intelligence about the Conspiracy you are fighting against by saving the life of a whistleblower attempting to escape from its grasp.
  • Five for the Fall - Come face to face with the Conspiracy as you attempt it turning the Cold War hot in a scenario inspired by the nuclear false alarm of 1983 

Supporting the missions are a series of optional rules mods, designed to tweak the power levels. These rules mods form the foundation of the Espionage Framework that will expand The Ajax Stratagem with new rules for running your own team of spies and saboteurs behind enemy lines. The Espionage Framework, coming Q2 2022, will be made available to all supporters of the supplement. Back now at the early access price to get both halves of the supplement prior to the full release.   

This supplement requires a copy of Project Cassandra: Psychics of the Cold War. Buy it digitally here or in print from:

IglooTree - https://iglootree.com/project-cassandra-by-craig-duffy-1154-p.asp

Rooks Press - https://www.rookspress.com/products/project-cassandra

Leisure Games - https://leisuregames.com/products/project-cassandra

Direct - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LunarShadowDesigns


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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