The Synth Convergence - A Trilogy for the Synthetic Age

Welcome to the future hackers and runners, mercs and shadows. 

Welcome to The Synth Convergence, a trilogy of new missions for The Sprawl RPG.

This update is the big one - the release of the full trilogy for purchase. Within it you'll find 37 pages of material for your Sprawl spread over 3 missions and a dozen short options  to help with populating the world.

In The Tannhauser Investment your team are brought in to negotiate the tricky process of a hostile Corporate takeover - all while evading the awareness of the synth consciousness built into the super-luxury hotel the target is holed up in.

The Infinitive Extraction takes the team to the beating heart of the entertainment districts as they seek to extract Infinitive Cascade, the hottest DJ on the circuits from an exploitative contract. But do your employers want them for their musical talents or the military codebase at the core of their personality matrix?

Finally in The Vanda-Weiss Demolition the past catches up with your operatives as they face off against The Evolved, a radical fringe group dedicated to wiping out synths and returning humanity to the true path before they are toppled by their own creations.

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