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Initialising subroutines

(base) Cereal.K@WJOHM_internal1:/usr/lib/resolvconf$
GaffEm -i rutger.bat -a 256k -t 1.1m
task = get() "/opt/conStruct/envs/cy5/lib/sitepackages/
joblib/pool.cy", line 147, in get

Encrypted message incoming
Target: Chenda Phy, CFO Bora Industrial
Regards: Hostile takeover

Specification: Initiate contact with target at secure public location and negotiate transfer of controlling stake in Bora. Phy currently resident at  secure, independent accommodation. Caution advised - significant intrusion countermeasures in place.

RV @ [DECRYPTING]] if interested.

Welcome to The Synth Convergence, a trilogy of missions for The Sprawl RPG built around a core theme - synthetic intelligence. Across the three mission teams will cross paths with prominent synths and be forced to confront the question of how far they will go for their Corporate paycheck in a society where inequality is rife and Corporations control every rung of the ladder. 

We're releasing The Tannhauser Investment, the first part of the trilogy, as a teaser while the we compile and encrypt the remaining datafiles. The team are recruited to undertake a hostile takeover of an upstart construction firm by forcing the CFO to transfer her controlling stake to a rival Corporation. A standard mission, if not for the fact that the super-luxury hotel she's staying at is controlled by a synthetic intelligence bound by it's programming to protect its residents at all costs.

Get in, do the job, get out. It's never that simple but if it was they wouldn't have hired professionals like you.

Check back soon for the full Synth Convergence trilogy, projected to complete decryption November 2019.

The Synth Convergence requires a copy of The Sprawl RPG to play. Purchase it from Ardens Ludere on driveThruRPG. Support the creators - buy the game

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